How this guide can help you

This guide can help you develop an effective Step-by-Step Legal Research Process, learn when and how to use particular resources, and better understand statutory research and electronic searching. Links to free online resources and lists of leading publications can help you conduct your research. Material on writing and analysis can help to improve your legal writing and reasoning.

Research Essentials

Effective strategies and techniques for Canadian legal research, including how to research commentary, cases and legislation, and use citators and finding tools.

Electronic Research

Bookmark list, guides, and search syntax charts to help you use CanLII, WestlawNext Canada, Quicklaw and other electronic research tools.

Statutory Research

Become proficient in researching Canadian federal and provincial statutes and regulations in print and electronically.

Writing & Analysis

Learn how to improve your legal reasoning, write a legal memorandum, and properly cite authorities.

Step-by-Step Legal Research Process

Get help at each stage of the legal research process.

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