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Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research adds a blog … finally

The Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research now has a blog called the Canadian Legal Research Blog. And that is not all. The site has a whole new look. The content is better organized and more accessible. The pages on Legal Writing & Analysis have been given more prominence, and social media links have been added.

Steve Matthews at Stem Legal, and his colleagues Laurel Fulford and Emma Durand-Wood, had the unenviable task of turning 15 years of my novice web-authoring into a well-designed styles-compliant site. They have worked wonders, and I am thrilled with what they have done.

The site first launched in 1998. The very first home page contemplated a legal research discussion group, but that aspect of the site was never implemented. With the 2013 addition of a blog and other social media tools, this part of the original plan for the site is finally being realized.

When the site first launched

  • Google Inc. had just been incorporated.
  • CanLII did not exist.
  • The WestlaweCarswell platform did not exist.
  • CD ROMs were popular research tools.
  • Halsbury’s Laws of Canada did not exist.

It is astounding how much has changed in the field of research since that time. It has been a challenge to keep up!

The Best Guide will continue to highlight significant developments, compare and evaluate research products, and provide instruction on effective research methods. I look forward to finally being able to discuss these topics with you on the Canadian Legal Research Blog.

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