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New CanLII interface cleanly integrates functionalities of former advanced and database templates

The new CanLII interface is now live. One of the biggest changes is an “everything” search box. Type in a keyword search query, or part or all of a citation, statute name or case name, a docket number, or any combination of the above, and rely on the search engine to figure it out. Alternatively, for more user control, expand the box for more fields. This also opens a note-up box. The note-up box has an auto-fill feature, and includes the ability to note-up multiple citations.

The new CanLII interface features extensive refinement and sorting options:

  • Date, jurisdiction, court level, and tribunal refinement are all available from the results page, after the search is run and the Cases tab is selected.
  • A customized list of courts and tribunals can be created, if desired.
  • Case results can now be sorted by court level as well as by relevance, date and citation frequency.

There are some subtle – but important – other changes that will improve your searching. These changes were highlighted earlier in the following blog posts:

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