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Quicklaw adds option to eliminate duplicate versions of cases from results list

Quicklaw users will be happy to know that they can now control whether duplicate versions of judgments appear in their search results list. There is an On or Off choice entitled Duplicate Options that appears at the top of the results list. When the feature is turned on, you will see only one entry for a given case, but have the option to click on a link to view alternate versions.

  • If Duplicate Options is turned on, the version you want may not be the version that is displayed. For example, the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in Haida Nation v. British Columbia, 2004 SCC 73 appears on Quicklaw in 5 different versions. In the search I conducted, with relevance as the sort option, the version from the Canadian Native Law Report was the version displayed. It was necessary to open the list of alternate versions to find the Supreme Court Reports version. Fortunately this is easily done from the results list.
  • In Preferences, you can select whether the version of the case that appears is the first ranked version based on your sort option, or whether it is the first ranked version in English or French.

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