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Historical Hansard for Parliament of Canada now available online

The Library of Parliament, in collaboration with, has published online the Historical Debates of the Parliament of Canada. It is a free searchable database of historical debates of the House of Commons and the Senate.

Coverage goes back to 1867, and ends when the Parliament of Canada site starts its coverage (1994 for the House of Commons, and 1996 for the Senate). For the few years prior to commencement of official reporting, an unofficial version of the debate is included on the Historical Debates site. These reconstituted debates are drawn from newspaper reports of the day.

As with many archival databases, it is challenging to conduct full text searches and to review search results in the Historical Debates online. Search terms can appear anywhere in the volume, because proximity connectors are unavailable and the entire volume is a record. However, if the user starts out with a statute name, and the relevant year or legislative session, the correct volume can be located quickly. Once a volume is selected from the result list, more specific keyword searches can be done within that volume. This two-step method is likely to be the most efficient approach to searching this material.

Other useful online resources for federal legislative research include:

For further information, see Researching Canadian Federal Statutes.

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  • I want a copy of the house of common debates for July 25,1917

    • Catherine Best May 19th, 2016, 8:16 am

      The search page for the historical debates has a date field, but unfortunately it allows searching by year only. Put the year in both boxes of the date search, and then put the full date into the general search box using quotations around it. In your case, that would be “July 25 1917”. You should be able to retrieve the debates you want.

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