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Quicklaw announces enhancements to QuickCITE citators

Quicklaw has announced two enhancements to its QuickCITE citators: the ability to conduct searches within statute citator results, and the addition of treatment signals to case law search results.

Searching within citator results

After obtaining QuickCITE results for judicial …

Quicklaw adds option to eliminate duplicate versions of cases from results list

Quicklaw users will be happy to know that they can now control whether duplicate versions of judgments appear in their search results list. There is an On or Off choice entitled Duplicate Options that appears at the top of the …

Proliferation of case law and attempts to address it

Justice Geoff Lindsay of the Supreme Court of New South Wales recently addressed the Australian Law Librarians Association on “The future of authorised law reporting in Australia“. Justice Lindsay

  • refers to the important function of “authorised” law reports

Case digest systems vary considerably: a good topic for further study

In a recent post on, entitled Law Reports, Digests and Public Access to Legal Information, Louis Mirando discussed various considerations regarding whether the Law Library at Osgoode Hall should maintain its print subscription to the Canadian Abridgment