LawSource includes the Index to Canadian Legal Literature, as well as a collection of full-text journal articles, newsletters, and case comments from Carswell topical reporters.

  • The Articles and Newsletters collection is automatically searched during a federated search. It includes the newsletters, the full-text journals, and the case comments from Carswell topical reporters.
  • This material has been integrated with KeyCite. The Citing References tab lists CED entries and secondary sources on LawSource where the case has been referenced. The Citing References also include references to ICLL entries where the case is the subject of a case comment.
  • The ICLL has not yet been migrated into the WestlawNext Canada platform. In order to search and view this material, you will be re-directed to the Westlaw Canada platform.


Quicklaw Full Service includes

  • a collection of Canadian full-text journal articles
  • the Index to Canadian Legal Literature
  • the Canadian Law Symposia Index
  • full text access to international journals in the LexisNexis collection.

Case law references in Halsbury’s Laws of Canada and the full-text Canadian journal collection are integrated into QuickCite. In addition, links to the full text articles on Quicklaw are being incorporated into the ICLL database and the case law databases.

Netletters and other current awareness publications on Quicklaw can also be a useful source of commentary. They are included in the global commentary database, and are also part of the topical databases in Quicklaw.


There are some differences between the selection of journals available in full text on each of Quicklaw and LawSource, and the range of coverage for these journals. The Quicklaw journal coverage is superior in various respects.

  • Quicklaw has a more comprehensive Canadian journals collection, and includes the international collection within the core subscription
  • coverage for journals included in both services tends to start earlier in Quicklaw
  • determination of which service is more appropriate will also depend on the topic being researched.

The federated search model in WestlawNext Canada may result in more LawSource users accessing the journal collection and other commentary, rather than looking only at primary sources.

Other sources

  • The Scott Index to Canadian Legal Periodicals is freely available through CAIJ.
  • There is a wealth of full text journal material available through Lexis and Westlaw in their full-text journal databases. Each of these services also carries legal periodical indexes that cover over 750 publications.
  • Hein Online is freely available to members of the Law Society of BC from their desktops through the Reading Room at Courthouse Libraries BC. Journals published on Hein Online can also be located by searching in Google Scholar, which some may find a more friendly search engine than the one in Hein Online.
  • Hein Online and LegalTrac are available free of charge to in-library users at Courthouse Libraries BC. Hein Online is a collection of full-text legal articles and LegalTrac is a periodicals index. These services are also available to library users at the UBC law library.
  • The University of Toronto Law Library publishes the¬†Database of Law Journals Available Electronically. If you are unsure where a journal is published electronically this is an efficient way to find out where you can get it.
  • Some important journals, such as the Canadian Bar Review, are not available in full text through any of the commercial services.
    • Articles from the Canadian Bar Review since 1923 are available to Canadian Bar Association members at in the publications section. There is a rudimentary search engine and they are indexed by subject. Canadian Bar Review articles are also indexed in the Index to Canadian Legal Literature and the Scott Index to Canadian Legal Periodicals.
    • An electronic index to The Advocate and to CBA section papers is published in the BC Legal Literature Index maintained by Courthouse Libraries BC.
    • The Advocate is now available in full text through Hein Online.
  • CLE seminar papers from the BC Continuing Legal Education Society are available with a subscription through CLE Online.
  • CLE seminar papers from the Law Society of Upper Canada are available at AccessCLE. Papers from the most recent 18 months are pay-per-view. Papers older than that are available without charge.
  • UBC Alumni members can access the EBSCO Academic Search and Business Source alumni editions¬†without charge, using their A-card.