WestlawNext Canada Chargeback Values and PPV Rates

The approach to assigning “notional values” and pay-per-view charges has changed considerably in WestlawNext Canada. Details are set out in the Guide to Suggested Chargeback Values and Pay-per-View Rates published by WestlawNext Canada.

Federated searching

The federated search conducts a global search of all content (even content outside of subscription) except content classified as finding tools.

  • The base subscription fee includes unlimited searching.
  • Conducting a search has a “suggested chargeback value” of $18, for the purpose of determining usage for chargeback to clients.
  • The $18 value is applied to both federated searches and searches that are limited to a particular collection.
  • Finding primary law by name or citation is treated differently and carries no assigned value.

Document display

There is also a suggested chargeback value assigned to document display, and it varies by collection.

  • There is no amount assigned to viewing primary law that is within subscription. This reflects the reality that users can access this material without charge from other sources.
  • There is no amount assigned to using KeyCite or viewing Canadian Abridgment digests. This is a significant change, as these are value-added products.
  • The display values for other types of collections are calculated on the basis of each document viewed, rather than incorporated into a single search value as before.

Pay-per-view charges

For documents outside of subscription the same value is assigned as the suggested chargeback value, but it becomes a pay-per-view charge (PPV) to the subscriber. Documents outside of subscription are clearly marked.

Sample transactions and assigned values

Below are examples of the amounts assigned to various transactions. “Primary law” refers to Canadian cases, decisions and legislation. There is no additional charge for printing, downloading or saving the document.

Activity Value or PPV Comment
Conducting a search $18 The default is a federated search across content both within and outside of subscription. All searches (except searches within results) are assigned the same suggested chargeback value. There is no PPV for searching.
Viewing documents retrieved by a search Varies This varies depending on the type of document. If inside subscription, there is no PPV. If primary law inside subscription, there is no suggested chargeback value either. See more detailed information below.
Finding a primary law document by citation or name $0.00 Make sure this is processed as a “find” rather than as a search, because a search will carry a suggested chargeback value of $18
Viewing a primary law document $0.00 This applies whether the document is accessed from a result list, from a link in another document, or in a KeyCite result
Linking to Abridgment Digests from a case or search result $0.00
Viewing a KeyCite result $0.00
Viewing a document from the Canadian Encyclopedic Digest $12 This value applies to each document viewed, including contiguous documents viewed using the next and previous buttons
Viewing a document from Words & Phrases $12 This value applies to each document viewed
Viewing a legal memorandum $130 $155 $195 Amount varies depending on length of memorandum. Summary (contains facts, issues, jurisdiction, date, author, list of authorities) can be viewed without any charge.
Viewing an article or newsletter  $12
Viewing an excerpt from a text or annotated service  $40
Viewing a pleading, motion document, brief or factum  $75
Accessing a document saved in a folder within 12 months after it was first accessed  $0 After the end of the 12 months, when the document is next accessed it will incur the same chargeback value or PPV charge as is then in effect
If another user accesses a document saved in a shared folder  $$ A view by a different user will incur a new chargeback value or PPV charge for the document

Some collections have not been transitioned yet from the old platform. It is necessary to go back to the old platform to use them. The “suggested chargeback value” assigned to those transactions is published in Westlaw Canada Transactional Values.