Suggested Textbooks

This selective list of primarily Canadian legal texts is a quick starting point for secondary source research. It is not comprehensive, and does not cover specialised areas of practice such as Family, Labour, Securities and Tax.

Aboriginal Law

Flatters, The Taxation and Financing of Aboriginal Businesses in Canada (looseleaf)

Henderson, Treaty Rights in the Constitution of Canada (2007)

Imai, Annotated Indian Act

Macaulay, Aboriginal and Treaty Rights Practice (looseleaf)

Olthius, et al., Aboriginal Law Handbook (2008)

Woodward, Native Law (looseleaf)

Administrative Law

Blake, Administrative Law in Canada (5th ed., 2011)

Brown & Evans, Judicial Review of Administrative Action in Canada (looseleaf)

Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C., BC Administrative Law Practice Manual (looseleaf)

Dussault & Borgeat, Administrative Law: A Treatise (1985-1990)

Holland, Delegated Legislation in Canada (1989)

Jones & de Villars, Principles of Administrative Law (5th ed., 2009)

Keyes, Executive Legislation (2nd ed., 2010)

Macaulay & Sprague, Practice and Procedure before Administrative Tribunals (looseleaf)

Mullan, Administrative Law (2001)

Régimbald, Canadian Administrative Law (2008)

Woolf & Jowell, de Smith’s Judicial Review of Administrative Action (7th ed., 2013)


Born, International Arbitration: Law and Practice (2012)

Earle, Drafting Arbitration and ADR Clauses for Commercial Contracts: A Solicitor’s Manual (looseleaf)

McEwen & Herbst, Commercial Arbitration in Canada: A Guide to Domestic and International Arbitrations (looseleaf)

Redfern, Law and Practice of International Commercial Arbitration (4th ed., 2004)

Russell on Arbitration (23rd ed., 2007)


Byles on Bills of Exchange and Cheques (28th ed., 2007)

Crawford and Falconbridge, Banking and Bills of Exchange (8th ed., 1986)

Crawford, The Law of Banking and Payment (looseleaf)

David & Pelly, Annotated Bank Act

Grottenthaler & Henderson, The Law of Financial Derivatives in Canada (looseleaf)

Ogilvie, Bank and Customer Law in Canada (2007)

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Bennett, Bennett on Bankruptcy (11th ed., 2008)

Honsberger, Debt Restructuring Principles and Practice (looseleaf)

Houlden and Morawetz, Bankruptcy & Insolvency Law (3rd ed., looseleaf)

Houlden and Morawetz, Annotated Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act

Klimek, Insolvency and Environmental Liability (looseleaf)

Klotz, Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Family Law (looseleaf)

McLaren, Canadian Commercial Reorganization (looseleaf)

Sarra and Davis, Director and Officer Liability in Corporate Insolvency (2nd ed., 2010)

Company Law

Burke-Robertson & Drache, Non-Share Capital Corporations (looseleaf)

CCH, B.C. Corporations Law Guide (looseleaf)

Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C., BC Company Law Practice Manual (looseleaf)

Cumberford, The Annotated British Columbia Business Corporations Act (looseleaf)

Fasken Martineau DuMoulin, Annotated British Columbia Business Corporations Act (looseleaf)

Gower & Davies, The Principles of Modern Company Law (9th ed., 2012)

Gray, Annotated Canada Business Corporations Act (looseleaf)

Hansell, Directors and Officers in Canada: Law and Practice (looseleaf)

Hepburn, Limited Partnerships (looseleaf)

Lindley & Banks on Partnership (19th ed., 2010)

Lipson, ed., The Controlling Mind: exercising legal control, its obligations and liabilities (2012)

Mangan et al, Annotated British Columbia Society Act (looseleaf)

Manzer, A Practical Guide to Canadian Partnership Law (looseleaf)

McCarthy Tetrault, Directors’ and Officers’ Duties and Liabilities in Canada (1997)

McGuinness, Canadian Business Corporations Law (2nd ed., 2007)

Nathan & Voore, Corporate Meetings: Law and Practice (looseleaf)

Peterson, Shareholder Remedies in Canada (looseleaf)

Phillips, Personal Remedies for Corporate Injuries (1992)

Russell DuMoulin, Annotated British Columbia Company Act (looseleaf)

Sutherland, Fraser and Stewart: Company Law of Canada (6th ed., 1993)

Wegenast, The Law of Canadian Companies (1931, reprinted)

Commercial Law

Benjamin’s Sale of Goods (8th ed., 2010)

Bridge, The International Sale of Goods (3rd ed., 2013)

Continuing Legal Education Society of BC, British Columbia Business Disputes (looseleaf)

Estey, Legal Opinions in Commercial Transactions (3rd ed., 2013)

Fridman, Sale of Goods in Canada (6th ed., 2013)

McKeown, Brand Management in Canadian Law (3rd ed., 2010)

Sarna, Letters of Credit: The Law and Current Practice (3rd ed., looseleaf)

Young & Fraser, Canadian Advertising and Marketing Law (looseleaf)

Zaid, Canadian Franchise Guide (looseleaf)

Conflict of Laws

Castel, Canadian Conflict of Laws (5th ed., looseleaf)

Dicey, Morris & Collins on the Conflict of Laws (15th ed., 2012)

Fawcett, Harris & Bridge, International Sale of Goods in the Conflict of Laws (2005)

Constitutional and Human Rights Law

Hogg, Constitutional Law of Canada (4th ed., looseleaf)

La Forest, Natural Resources and Public Property under the Canadian Constitution (1969)

Laskin’s Annotated Canadian Charter (looseleaf)

Pentney, Discrimination and the Law (looseleaf)

Roach, Constitutional Remedies in Canada (looseleaf)

Sossin, Boundaries of Judicial Review: The law of justiciability in Canada (1999)

van Ert, Using International Law in Canadian Courts (2nd ed., 2008)

Zinn & Brethour, The Law of Human Rights in Canada (looseleaf)

Construction Law

Bristow et al., Construction, Builders’ & Mechanics’ Liens in Canada (7th ed., looseleaf)

Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C., British Columbia Builders Liens Practice Manual (looseleaf)

Coulson, Guide to Builders’ Liens in British Columbia (looseleaf)

Goldsmith, Canadian Building Contracts (4th ed., looseleaf)

Hudson’s Building and Engineering Contracts (12th ed., 2010)

McLachlin, Wallace & Grant, The Canadian Law of Architecture and Engineering (2nd ed., 1994)

Ricchetti and Murphy, Construction Law in Canada (2010)

Samuels and Sanders, Practical Law of Architecture, Engineering and Geoscience (2007)

Wise, The Manual of Construction Law (looseleaf)


Cass, The Law of Releases in Canada (2006)

Chitty on Contracts (31st ed., 2012)

Elderkin & Shin Doi, Behind and Beyond Boilerplate: Drafting Commercial Agreements (3rd ed., 2011)

Foskett, The Law and Practice of Compromise (7th ed., 2010)

Fridman, The Law of Contract in Canada (6th ed., 2011)

Hall, Canadian Contractual Interpretation Law (2nd ed., 2012)

King, Entertainment Law in Canada (looseleaf)

Pitch & Snyder, Damages for Breach of Contract (2nd ed., looseleaf)

Sanderson, Musicians and the Law in Canada (3rd ed., 2000)

Sharpe, Injunctions & Specific Performance (2nd ed., looseleaf)

Sinclair on Warranties and Indemnities on Share and Asset Sales (8th ed., 2011)

Spencer Bower, Actionable Non-Disclosure (2nd ed., 1990)

Swan & Adamski, Canadian Contract Law (3rd ed., 2012)

Trebilcock, The Common Law of Restraint of Trade (1986)

Waddams, The Law of Contracts (6th ed., 2010)

Williams, Joint Obligations (1949)


Bennett on Receiverships (3rd ed., 2011)

Lamer, Priority of Crown Claims in Insolvency (looseleaf)

McGuinness, Guarantee and Indemnity (Halsbury’s Laws of Canada)

Palmer, The Law of Set-Off in Canada (1993)

Robinson, British Columbia Debtor-Creditor Law and Precedents (looseleaf)

Rowlatt, Principal & Surety (6th ed., 2011)

Sarna, Letters of Credit (3rd ed., looseleaf)

Scott and Reynolds, Surety Bonds (looseleaf)

Springman et al, Fraudulent Conveyances and Preferences (looseleaf)

Traub, Falconbridge on Mortgages (5th ed., looseleaf)

Tweedie, Debt Litigation (looseleaf)

Waldron, The Law of Interest in Canada (1992)

Criminal Law

Annotated Tremeear’s Criminal Code

Crankshaw’s Criminal Code of Canada

Ewaschuk, Criminal Pleadings and Practice in Canada (2nd ed., looseleaf)

Ferguson & Bouck, Canadian Criminal Jury Instructions (looseleaf)

Fontana & Keeshan, The Law of Search and Seizure in Canada (8th ed., 2010)

German, Proceeds of Crime (looseleaf)

Libman on Regulatory Offences in Canada (looseleaf)

McLeod, The Canadian Charter of Rights: Prosecution and Defence of Criminal and Other Statutory Offences (looseleaf)

McWilliams, Canadian Criminal Evidence (3rd ed., looseleaf)

Nightingale, The Law of Fraud (looseleaf)

Salhany, Canadian Criminal Procedure (6th ed., looseleaf)

Segal, Disclosure and Production in Criminal Cases (looseleaf)

Trotter, The Law of Bail in Canada (3rd ed., 2010)


Emanuelli, Government Procurement (3rd ed., 2012)

Hogg, Liability of the Crown (4th ed., 2011)

Horsman & Morley, Government Liability: Law and Practice (looseleaf)

Levine, The Law of Government Ethics: federal, Ontario and British Columbia (2007)

Lordon, Crown Law (1991)

Meunier et al., Lobbying in Canada (looseleaf)

Worthington, The Public Purchasing Law Handbook (2004)

Employment Law

Aust et al, Executive Employment Law (looseleaf)

England & Christie, Employment Law in Canada (3rd ed., looseleaf)

Harris, Wrongful Dismissal (looseleaf)

Neumann & Sack, Wrongful Dismissal and Employment Law (online on CanLII)

Environmental Law

Benedickson, Environmental Law (3rd ed., 2009)

Bereti, British Columbia Environmental Management Legislation & Commentary (2006)

Carter-Whitney, Environmental Regulation in Canada (looseleaf)

Cass, Canadian Green Energy Law and Policy (2012)

Castrilli et al, Annotated Guide to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (looseleaf)

Coburn & Manning, Toxic Real Estate Manual (looseleaf)

Estrin, Business Guide to Environmental Law (looseleaf)

Klimek, Insolvency and Environmental Liability (looseleaf)

Equity & Trusts

Dean, Law of Trade Secrets and Personal Secrets (2nd ed., 2002)

Ellis, Fiduciary Duties in Canada (looseleaf)

Glover, Commercial Equity: Fiduciary Relationships (1995)

Goff & Jones, The Law of Unjust Enrichment (8th ed., 2011)

Gurry, Breach of Confidence (1984)

Hanbury & Martin, Modern Equity (19th ed., 2012)

Lewin on Trusts (18th ed., 2008)

Maddaugh & McCamus, The Law of Restitution (looseleaf)

McDermott, Equitable Damages (1994)

Meagher, Gummow and Lehane’s Equity, Doctrines and Remedies (4th ed., 2004)

Ng, Fiduciary Duties: obligations of loyalty and faithfulness (looseleaf)

Pun et al, Annotated British Columbia Law and Equity Act (looseleaf)

Sharpe, Injunctions & Specific Performance (2nd ed., looseleaf)

Snell’s Equity (32nd ed., 2010)

Spry, Equitable Remedies (8th ed., 2010)

Waters, Law of Trusts in Canada (4th ed., 2012)

Youdan, ed., Equity, Fiduciaries and Trusts (1989)


Bryant, Lederman and Fuerst, Law of Evidence in Canada (3rd ed., 2009)

Burke et al., E-Discovery in Canada (2008)

Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C., Expert Evidence in British Columbia Civil Proceedings (2001)

Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C., Introducing Evidence at Trial: a British Columbia handbook (2nd ed., 2013)

Cudmore, Choate on Discovery (2nd ed., looseleaf)

Finlay et al., Electronic Documents: records management, e-discovery and trial (looseleaf)

Hubbard, et al., The Law of Privilege in Canada (looseleaf)

Leonard, The New Wigmore (looseleaf)

Mewett, Witnesses (looseleaf)

Wotherspoon et al., Electronic Evidence and E-Discovery (2010)

Insurance Law

Brown & Menezes, Insurance Law in Canada (looseleaf)

Couch on Insurance, 3d

Gregory, Annotated Insurance (Motor Vehicle) Act (looseleaf)

Hilliker, Insurance Bad Faith (2004)

Hilliker, Liability Insurance Law in Canada (5th ed., 2011)

Krempulec, Property Damage Claims under Commercial Insurance Policies (looseleaf)

Norwood on Life Insurance Law in Canada (3rd ed., 2002)

Scott and Reynolds on Surety Bonds (looseleaf)

Schjerning & Norwood, Disability Insurance Law in Canada (2010)

Snowden & Lichty, Annotated Commercial General Liability Policy (looseleaf)

Intellectual Property

Blanchard & Steinberg, Life Sciences Law in Canada (looseleaf)

Burshtein, Domain Names and Internet Trade-mark Issues: Canadian Law and Practice (looseleaf)

Fox on Canadian Law of Copyright and Industrial Design (looseleaf)

Fox on Canadian Law of Trade-marks and unfair competition (looseleaf)

Handa, Copyright Law in Canada (2002)

Hughes on Copyright and Industrial Design (looseleaf)

Hughes and Woodley on Patents (looseleaf)

Hughes on Trade-Marks (looseleaf)

Odutola on Canadian Trade-mark Practice (looseleaf)

Robic-Leger, Canadian Copyright Act Annotated (looseleaf)

Robic-Leger, Canadian Trade-Marks Act Annotated (looseleaf)

Vaver, Intellectual Property Law: Copyright, Patents, Trade-Marks (2nd ed., 2011)

Wadlow, The Law of Passing Off: Unfair Competition by Misrepresentation (4th ed., 2011)

Landlord & Tenant

Dukelow, Annotated British Columbia Residential Tenancy Act (looseleaf)

Haber, Assignment, subletting and change of control in a commercial lease (2002)

Haber, The Commercial Lease: A Practical Guide (4th ed., 2004)

Haber, Understanding the Commercial Agreement to Lease (2006)

Olson, A Commercial Tenancy Handbook (looseleaf)

Williams & Rhodes, Canadian Law of Landlord & Tenant (6th ed., looseleaf)

Motor Vehicles & Transportation

CCH, Canadian Transportation Law Reporter (looseleaf)

Gregory & Gregory, Annotated British Columbia Insurance (Motor Vehicle) Act (looseleaf)

McLeod, Takach & Segal, Breathalyzer Law in Canada (looseleaf)

McNeil, Motor Carrier Cargo Claims (5th ed., 2007)

Muir & Libby, Annotated British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act (looseleaf)

Segal, Manual of Motor Vehicle Law (looseleaf)

Municipal Law

Gregory & Gregory, Annotated British Columbia Local Government Act (looseleaf)

Hoehn, Municipalities and Canadian Law: defining the authority of local governments (1996)

Rogers, The Law of Canadian Municipal Corporations (2nd ed., looseleaf)

Rogers, The Canadian Law of Planning & Zoning (looseleaf)

Thomson Rogers on Municipal Liability (looseleaf)


Aron, Tax Aspects of Litigation (looseleaf)

Bouck et al., British Columbia Annual Practice

Branch, Class Actions in Canada (looseleaf)

Brinton, Civil Appeal Handbook (looseleaf)

Burke et al., E-Discovery in Canada (2008)

Eizenga, Class Actions Law and Practice (looseleaf)

Fraser & Horn, The Conduct of Civil Litigation in British Columbia (looseleaf)

Hubbard, et al., The Law of Privilege in Canada (looseleaf)

Irvine, British Columbia Practice (looseleaf)

Kerans, Standards of Review Employed by Appellate Courts (2nd ed., 2006)

Manes & Silver, The Law of Confidential Communications in Canada (1996)

McCarthy Tetrault, Defending Class Actions in Canada (3rd ed., 2011)

Meagher, Parties to an Action (1988)

Mew, The Law of Limitations (2nd ed., 2004)

Miller, The Law of Contempt in Canada (1997)

Muldoon, Law of Intervention (1989)

Lange, Res Judicata (3rd ed., 2010)

Orkin, The Law of Costs (2nd ed., looseleaf)

Seckel & MacInnis, B.C. Supreme Court Rules Annotated

SgayiasFederal Court Practice

Sopinka & Gelowitz, Conduct of an Appeal (3rd ed., 2012)

Spencer Bower, Turner & Handley, Res Judicata (4th ed., 2009)

Stevenson & Cote, Civil Procedure Encyclopedia (2003)

Privacy and access to information

McIsaac et al, The Law of Privacy in Canada (looseleaf)

McNairn & Woodbury, Government Information: Access and Privacy (looseleaf)

Platt et al, Privacy Law in the Private Sector (looseleaf)


Casey, The Regulation of Professions in Canada (looseleaf)

Campion & Dimmer, Professional Liability in Canada (looseleaf)

Foerster, Accountants’ Liability in Canada (looseleaf)

Dodek and Hoskins, ed., Canadian Legal Practice: A Guide for the 21st Century (looseleaf)

MacKenzie, Lawyers & Ethics (looseleaf)

Turriff, Annotated British Columbia Legal Profession Act (looseleaf)

Real Property & Natural Resources

CCH, British Columbia Real Estate Law Guide (looseleaf)

Canadian Institute of Resources Law, Canada Energy Law Service (looseleaf)

Coates & Waqué, New Law of Expropriation (looseleaf)

Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia, British Columbia Strata Property Practice Manual (looseleaf)

Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia, Land Title Practice Manual (looseleaf)

Di Castri, Registration of Title to Land (looseleaf)

Di Castri, Law of Vendor & Purchaser (3rd ed., looseleaf)

Fairweather & Ramsay, Condominium Law & Practice in British Columbia (looseleaf)

Foster, Real Estate Agency Law in Canada (2nd ed., 1994)

La Forest,  Anger & Honsberger Law of Real Property (looseleaf)

McCarthy Tetrault’s Annotated British Columbia Strata Property Act (looseleaf)

Perell, Remedies and the Sale of Land (2nd ed., 1998)

Preston & Newsome’s Restrictive Covenants Affecting Freehold Land (9th ed., 1998)

Todd, The Law of Expropriation and Compensation in Canada (2nd ed., 1992)


Bean et al., Injunctions (11th ed., 2012)

Gee on Commercial Injunctions (5th ed., 2004)

Groia & Hardie, Securities Litigation and Enforcement (2nd ed., 2012)

Hoffman et al, The Emotional Consequences of Personal Injury (2nd ed., 2001)

Klar, ed., Remedies in Tort (looseleaf)

Law Society of Upper Canada, Special Lectures 1995, Law of Remedies

McDermott, Equitable Damages (1994)

McGregor on Damages (18th ed., 2009)

Palmer, The Law of Set-Off in Canada (1993)

Perell and Engell, Remedies and the Sale of Land (2nd ed., 1998)

Pitch & Snyder, Damages for Breach of Contract (2nd ed., looseleaf)

Sarna, The Law of Declaratory Judgments (3rd ed., 2007)

Sharpe, Injunctions & Specific Performance (2nd ed., looseleaf)

Spry, Equitable Remedies (8th ed., 2010)

Waddams, The Law of Damages (looseleaf)

Wirth, Interlocutory Proceedings (looseleaf)

Secured Transactions

Knopf, ed., Security Interests in Intellectual Property (2002)

McLaren, British Columbia Personal Property Security Act Handbook (5th ed., 2008)

McLaren, Secured Transactions in Personal Property in Canada (2nd ed., looseleaf)

Traub, Falconbridge on Mortgages (5th ed., looseleaf)


Cote, The Interpretation of Legislation in Canada (4th ed., 2011)

Driedger, The Construction of Statutes (2nd ed., 1983)

Holland, Delegated Legislation in Canada (1989)

Keyes, Executive Legislation (2nd ed., 2010)

Salembier, Regulatory Law and Practice in Canada (2004)

Sullivan on the Construction of Statutes (5th ed., 2008)


Geist, Internet Law in Canada (3rd ed., 2002)

Handa, Communications Law in Canada (looseleaf)

Limpert, Technology Contracting: law, precedents and commentary (looseleaf)

Ryan, Canadian Telecommunications Law and Regulation (looseleaf)

Sookman, Computer, Internet and Electronic Commerce Law (looseleaf)


Bird & Zauhar, Recreation and the Law (2nd ed., 1997)

Brown, The Law of Defamation in Canada (looseleaf)

Cheifetz, Apportionment of Fault in Tort (1981)

Cooper-Stephenson, Personal Injury Damages in Canada (2nd ed., 1996)

Feldthusen, Economic Negligence (6th ed., 2012)

Fridman, The Law of Torts in Canada (3rd ed., 2010)

Klar, ed., Remedies in Tort (looseleaf)

Linden & Feldthusen, Canadian Tort Law (9th ed., 2011)

Picard & Robertson, Legal Liability of Doctors and Hospitals in Canada (4th ed., 2007)

Spencer Bower, Actionable Non-Disclosure (2nd ed., 1990)

Spencer Bower, Actionable Misrepresentation (4th ed., 2000)

Waddams, Products Liability (5th ed., 2011)

Williams, Joint Torts and Contributory Negligence (1951)

Wills & Estates

Amighetti, The Law of Dependant’s Relief in British Columbia (1991)

Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C., Probate and Estate Administration Practice Manual (looseleaf)

Feeney’s Canadian Law of Wills (looseleaf)

Harvey, The Law of Dependants’ Relief in Canada (2nd ed., 2006)

Sokol, Mistakes in Wills in Canada (1995)

Widdifield on Executors and Trustees (6th ed., looseleaf)