Topical case reporters

This list contains topical collections of case law in print and electronic format.  Those published in print format are displayed below with an abbreviation after the reporter name.  Availability in electronic format for each topical collection is shown in the right column.

Aboriginal Law

Aboriginal Law Cases QL
Canadian Native Law Cases (C.N.L.C.) Native Law Centre, University of Saskatchewan
Canadian Native Law Reporter (C.N.L.R.) QL; LawSource

Administrative Law

Administrative Law Cases QL
Administrative Law Reports (Admin. L.R.) LawSource; EmploymentSource

Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Bankruptcy Partner Carswell: CD ROM
Canadian Bankruptcy Reports (C.B.R.) LawSource; InsolvencySource; Bankruptcy Partner
Insolvency Law Cases QL
InsolvencySource Carswell

Civil Procedure

Annotated Rules of Court, pleadings, motions and factums Litigator
Carswell’s Practice Cases (C.P.C.) LawSource
Civil Practice Partner (Alberta) Carswell: CD ROM
Civil Practice Partner (Federal & Ontario) Carswell: CD ROM
Civil Procedure Cases QL
Civil Evidence Cases QL
Limitation of Actions Cases QL

Constitutional & Human Rights Law

Canadian Human Rights Reporter (C.H.R.R.) CHRR Online
Canadian Rights Reporter (C.R.R.) LawSource
Charter of Rights Decisions (C.R.D.) QL
Constitutional Law Cases QL
Human Rights Law Cases QL
Human Rights Law Tribunal Decisions QL

Corporate & Commercial Law

Breach of Contract Quantum Service Litigator
Business Law Reports (B.L.R.) LawSource
Canada Breach of Contract Quantums QL
Commercial Law Cases QL
Corporate Law Partner (Federal & Ontario) Carswell: CD ROM
Corporations and Associations Law Cases QL
Personal Property Security Act Cases (P.P.S.A.C.) LawSource

Criminal Law

Canada Sentencing Quantums QL
Canadian Criminal Cases (C.C.C.) CriminalSource
Criminal Law Cases QL
Criminal Law Partner Carswell: CD ROM
Criminal Reports (C.R.) LawSource; CriminalSource
CriminalSource Carswell
Proceeds of Crime Cases QL
Weekly Criminal Bulletin (W.C.B.) CriminalSource

Employment Law

Canadian Cases on Employment Law (C.C.E.L.) LawSource; EmploymentSource
Canadian Cases on Pensions and Benefits (C.C.P.B.) LawSource; EmploymentSource
Canadian Employment Benefits and Pension Guide Reports (C.E.B. & P.G.R.) LawSource
Canadian Wrongful Dismissal Quantums QL
Employment Law Cases QL
EmploymentSource Carswell
Pensions and Benefits Law Cases QL
Workplace Health, Safety & Compensation Law Cases QL
Workplace Health, Safety & Compensation Law Tribunal Decisions QL
Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal Reports (W.C.A.T.R.) LawSource
Wrongful Dismissal Quantum Service Litigator

Environmental Law

Canadian Environmental Law Reports (C.E.L.R.) LawSource; Carswell: Environmental Law Partner
Environmental Law Cases QL
Environmental Law Partner Carswell: CD ROM

Family Law

Canada Child Support Quantums QL
Canada Matrimonial Property Quantums QL
Canada Spousal Support Quantums QL
Child Support Quantum Service Litigator
Family Law Cases QL
Family Law Partner Carswell: CD ROM
FamilySource Carswell
Reports of Family Law (R.F.L.) LawSource; FamilySource; Carswell: Family Law Partner
Spousal Support Quantum Service Litigator

Immigration Law

Immigration Law Cases QL
Immigration Appeal Cases (I.A.C.)
Immigration Law Partner Carswell: CD ROM
Immigration Law Reports (Imm. L.R.) LawSource
Immigration Tribunal Decisions QL

Insurance Law

Canadian Cases on the Law of Insurance (C.C.L.I.) LawSource
Canadian Insurance Law Reporter (C.I.L.R.) QL; LawSource
Insurance Law Cases QL

Intellectual Property, Computers & Communications

Canadian Computer Law Reporter (C.C.L.R.)
Canadian Patent Reports (C.P.R.) IP Source; QL; Canada Law Book: CPR PLUS
Computer Law Cases QL
Intellectual Property Law Cases QL
IPSource Carswell

Labour Law

Alberta Labour Relations Board Reports (Alta. L.R.B.R.) QL; LawSource
Canada Industrial Relations Board (C.I.R.B.) QL; LawSource
Canadian Labour Law Cases (C.L.L.C.) LawSource
Canadian Labour Relations Board Reports (C.L.R.B.R.) LawSource
Labour Arbitration Cases (L.A.C.) QL; Canada Law Book: Canadian Labour Law Library
Labour Arbitration Decisions QL
Labour Law Cases QL
Labour Law Tribunal Decisions QL
LabourSource Carswell
Ontario Labour Relations Board Reporter (O.L.R.B. Rep.) QL; LawSource

Military Law

Canada Court Martial Appeal Reports QL

Municipal Law

Municipal and Planning Law Reports (M.P.L.R.) LawSource
Municipal Law Cases QL
Municipal Law Tribunal Decisions QL
Ontario Municipal Board Reports (O.M.B.R.)


Education Law Cases QL
Health Law Cases QL
Legal Profession Cases QL
Professional Responsibility Cases QL

Real Property and Natural Resources Law

Construction Law Reports (C.L.R.) LawSource
Construction Law Cases QL
Land Compensation Reports (L.C.R.)
Landlord & Tenant Law Cases QL
Natural Resources Law Cases QL
Real Property Law Cases QL
Real Property Reports (R.P.R.) LawSource

Securities Law

Canadian Cases on the Law of Securities (C.C.L.S.) (to 1998)
Securities Regulation Cases QL
Securities Regulation Tribunal Decisions QL
Securities Partner Carswell: CD ROM
SecuritiesSource Carswell


All Taxation (Quicktax(TM)) Tribunal Decisions QL
Canada Tax Cases (C.T.C.) LawSource
Dominion Tax Cases (D.T.C.) QL; LawSource
GST Cases (G.S.T.C.) LawSource
Taxation Cases QL

Tort Law

Canadian Cases on the Law of Torts (C.C.L.T.) LawSource
Canada Defamation Quantums QL
Canada Medical Negligence Quantums QL
Canada Property-Related Torts Quantums QL
Defamation Quantum Service Litigator
Health Law Cases QL
Personal Injury Damages Partner Carswell: CD ROM
Personal Injury Quantum Service Litigator
Quantum of Damages in Personal Injury Law Cases QL
Tort Law & Civil Liability Law Cases QL

Trade & Competition Law

Canadian Customs and Excise Reports (C.E.R.)
Commercial Law Topical Database QL

Transportation & Motor Vehicle Law

Canada Transportation Appeal Tribunal Decisions QL
Motor Vehicle Reports (M.V.R.) LawSource
Transportation Law Cases QL

Trusts Law

Canada Dependants’ Relief Quantums QL
Dependants’ Relief Quantum Service Litigator
Estates and Trusts Reports (E.T.R.) LawSource
Estates&TrustsSource Carswell
Estates Partner (Ontario) Carswell: CD ROM
Wills, Estates & Trusts Law Cases QL