Citation linking software

QL and WL Canada

Some legal publishers have developed citation linking software that enables you to insert links to electronic versions of cases cited in your documents.

Quicklaw’s Auto Link and Westlaw Canada’s CiteLinkCanada are commercial services for this. The advantages of these services are the broad scope of case law included, and the Word interface. However, each time you link to a document you will incur a “notional charge” for viewing the case.

Quicklaw for Microsoft Office (QLMO) can automatically link citations in your Word documents to authorities on QL, and update the citator treatment codes.


The CanLII hyperlinking tool automatically creates links between citations in a submitted user document and the cited cases and legislation on CanLII. This service is free for up to 1,000 citations per month. It is accessed from the Tools link at the bottom of any page on CanLII.

The document is uploaded to a Lexum server, and a copy of the document is sent back to the user with the links inserted. The uploaded document is destroyed within 24 hours according to the Lexum privacy policy. The links are built to CanLII’s freely available cases and legislation, rather than to proprietary versions on a commercial service.

Other programs

Other useful citation-based programs include:

  • LawCite, a free citator for Commonwealth jurisprudence (primarily English and Australian) that locates cases and their judicial consideration
  • Jureeka, a Firefox extension that converts legal citations that it recognizes into hyperlinks to a web page for the cited source (note: primarily for US citations but also recognizes federally-based citations from Canada)
  • CiteGenie, a Firefox extension that creates Bluebook formatted pinpoint citations from Westlaw and Lexis.
  • LII Citation Finder, a program under development by the Legal Information Institute that will scan a highlighted section of a web page looking for a US citations and deliver you to the cited legal resource (at an early stage of development).

For a more detailed discussion, see Whelan, “Automated Bluebook Citation for Lawyers” (26 August 2010) online: Finding Legal Information <>.